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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 21, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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that's all the time we have. have a great weekend. "around the world" is next. 36 hours after james gaddolfini passed way we know the cause of death and who called for help. there it is. >> there it is. a house carried away by water hitting a bridge. flooding forcing 75,000 canadians to evacuate. one says everything is destroyed. an amazing catch by a group of mail carriers. they happened to be in the right place at the right time.
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i'm suzanne malveaux. >> i'm michael holmes. >> we know what killed james gandolfini. >> doctors performed an autopsy within hours of his death. they did release the official results. dan rivers is in rome now. we are learning the details about the minutes leading up to when he was found. >> reporter: it's just a really grim story. we now know he did die from massive heart attack. the technical term was a myocardial arrest. it was his 13-year-old son michael who raised the alarm and concerned when his father into the bathroom and took a long
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time. they had to break the door down and saw he was collapsed. they called the ambulance and emergency doctors came and tried to perform cpr. that continued on the way into hospital. he arrived at 10:40 at night. he was in cardiac arrest when he arrived. they continued for 40 minutes after his arrival. they did everything they could but they couldn't save him. there's no sign of any suspicious evidence. no evidence of substance abuse of alcohol or foul play. it's one of those awful tragedies to take someone so young, only 51 years old and not only to leave a 13-year-old son but an 8-month-old daughter. >> there were people who were speaking to reporters about how soon the body would be able to be returned to the family and back to the united states. have they made those arrangements. >> they're in the process of
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making it. i'm sure we're all aware that it can be trying at times. a family friend told the press conference about how they are trying to do everything to get the body back quickly. >> we're all devastated bid this loss. james was a devoted husband and a loving father of two children and a brother and cousin you could always count on. we thank you for giving us the privacy that you have given us at this difficult time. >> reporter: we're told that they will try to hold a funeral in new york thursday, friday, the latest saturday they're saying. the film festival that he was due to receive an award will go ahead in sicily although it's
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turned from a celebration of this great a actor's work into a tribute into a man who will be sorely missed. >> all right. thanks so much. stocks struggling to rebound. this is after the worse one day sell off of the year. it's quite amazing to watch. >> it just got worse and worse. the new york stock exchange. what's going on? >> we have a lot of volatility in the marketplace. there's a bit of increased volume because what they had in futures contracts that are expiring today. that adds to a lot of hedge fund players. major investors coming into the marketplace and selling off and buying back those contracts. you're seeing this kind of trade up 30 point, down 40 points. that's pretty much what's going to happen all day long. i spoke to one broker and she said after yesterday's 353 point
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loss after the last two days which is about 550 point loss this is like the exhale after the marathon race. you have to take a bit of a check, review the situation, find out if you need new sneakers, how do your legs feel and see how you'll move forward. i thought that was a great analogy. how we have to discover what the federal reserve is intending to do. we can't predict it. we can only sort of debate it. also we don't have an economic fundamentals. it's a friday, in the summer, people are tired. there's not going to be a lot of activi activity. you'll see this back and forth all day long. >> we both like your analogy being runners. this one with a bum knee though. why do you think investors are feeling better? >> the truth is if you're going to see the federal reserve start to pull back from that stimulus in the economy, that means that things are looking better. i'm not saying that that's what the situation is but the truth is that means the economy really
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is in a steady recovery. that's a good thing. that means people are finding jobs. that means they feel more comfortable about buying large ticket items whether it be car or a new refrigerator. those are really very good things. it also means this market is going to start trading on fundamentals again. that's really very comforting for traders. admittedly they were addicted to the punch bowl that's been there but there are plenty people out there that say it's a good thing to go back to the fundamentals. >> all right. it's good news. thank you. appreciate it. >> that will fix it. we have to turn to canada. major emergency unfolding in the province of alberta. there's been flooding there. 75,000 people driven from their homes in the major city of calgary. >> that city has not seen anything like this before. the situation so serious that
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the canadian military has been called out to help the rescuers. >> reporter: the sheer speed and strength of the water took many my surprise leaving them in awe of the destruction. >> there it is. >> reporter: others shot and watched as an entire home is swept down river and under a bridge. >> there's a building. no idea where it came from. somewhere up there. >> reporter: there was so much more devastation. rivers swollen to levels not seen in a generation. more than 100 peop,000 people h been evacuated. their homes ravaged by rain and flooding and then those rising raging rivers. for a time rescues were routine as hundreds of people saw the water rise several feet within just a few hours. >> like everything is destroyed
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there. our homes, everything. >> reporter: downtown calgary was all but abandoned leaving the waters to creep upwards as city officials anxiously watched dams and bridges. >> i saw water levels that were incredibly high. i saw areas of the city that were deeply under water. things i've never seen before, but knock on wood, we haven't had any injury or loss of life. >> reporter: yet there are many anxious hours ahead. rain is in the forecast all weekend long and even when the waters crest water levels would remain high for days to come. >> paula newton join us us us. what's the situation now, more rain? >> reporter: even people watching now. that's the problem.
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that's how this whole thing started. torrential rain in places where they don't get that much especially in june and now the forecast. today, tomorrow into sunday more and more rain. those waters are creeping up. a lot of those rivers have crested. you're still looking at major centers that may need more evacuations. they are talking about keeping an eye on hospitals in places like alberta to make sure those that are vulnerable don't have to be evacuate d. >> what are some of the places that they are able to get help? >> reporter: after a while they realized they put people in one evacuation center, the rivers would change direction and that place would become as a rulerable. they have done all they can. the military is at the ready to do more air rescues if that help is needed to get people far away
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from that flood zone. these are areas that don't normally flood this way at this time of year. they are just trying to do all they can. as you heard the mayor said making sure everyone stays safe and after that, what a mess. >> thank you so much. look at those pictures and it's incredible. it switches over in one direction one time. you don't even know where to go. >> just terrifying. edward snowden, where is he now? really anyone's guess. this is marking two weeks since the bomb shell leek about government programs. it's believed he is still laying low. >> today is snowden's 30th birthday and we learned a man close to the wikileaks group is ready to give him something of a present. a private plane and passage to
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iceland and possible save haven. >> reporter: could one of these business jets be edward snowden's ticket to cheap u.s. justice? on the fringes of hong kong's sprawling airport this tiny terminal is the latest focus in snowden's focus to avoid extradition. he says he has plans in place to charter plan to fly snowden to iceland if the government there agrees. >> we want to make sure that if he starts to transport the guy that he will be safe when he lands. he will not be extradited to u.s. >> hong kong has a strong tradition of free speech. >> reporter: despite picking hong kong to get his message out
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he's been on the record saying his next move should be asylum in iceland because of its internet officials. officials tell us they have no formal asylum request and said he needs to be in iceland to get asylum. if he does board a flight he could be in iceland in a little over 12 hours. there's no guarantees he would make it to the gates here. so far he's a free man. the united states is not made a surrender or extradition request to trigger an arrest warrant but that could change in a heartbeat. >> it's possible in some indications where there's urgency a provisional arrest warrant might be issued and it's for the law enforcement in hong kong to enforce it. >> reporter: he could get no warning about his arrest. >> it's possible a provisional arrest warnts could be issued and no one would know until they
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knocked on his door to take him into custody? >> that's right and even before the u.s. and hong kong authorities were to say it's been made. >> reporter: on his 30th birthday, a sobering prospect. his future in the hand of others. nick robinson, cnn, hong kong. here is more of what we're working on this hour for "around the world." breathtaking video out of china. a group of mail workers save a 2-year-old girl. we'll tell you how she fall out of a window. angelina jolie back in action in our role. since its lunchtime on the east coast.
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i want to check some more stories making news. let's go to india. the death toll has skyrocketed. now more than 550 deaths blamed on that flooding and authorities say the death toll would go higher. >> heavy rains have swamped much of the country. the situation severe in northern india. that's where 50,000 people are stranded. one local leader calling it a tsunami. warning for people to stay indoors as thick haze is choking that city. the pollution index is the highest rhigh est recorded. >> it could last for weeks. the winds are not blowing in the right direction and the haze is spring relations between singapore and indonesia.
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they say they are plantations but some are run by singapore companies. >> so they're all to blame. >> they're blaming each other. in miami, i don't know if we got a chance to watch this. i loved it. another championship trophy for the heat. the team beat the san antonio spurs. game 7 to win the title. >> lebron james scoring 37 points and had 12 rebounds to lead the heat so second consecutive title and third overall. >> i was going for the spurs. he calls his team amazing. >> sorry about your team. next time. >> the spurs have brazilian and french men and australians. it's the around the world team. some men being hailed as
9:19 am
heroes. this is after this rescue. this 2-year-old girl fell from building in china. they happened to be at the right place in the right time. >> reporter: an incredible rescue in china. taking a break from work a group of couriers hear crying. they look up and see a 2-year-old girl on the ledge inside a window five floors up. the whole sequence caught on a security camera. they tried to calm the girl then the nightmare scenario. she loses her footing. the men rush forward and she falls. just in time they catch her. sgh she get a hug. good job mr. mail carrier. this is the best marketing said another about the company. the company says they will reward their workers who saved
9:20 am
her. two were likely injured. the young girl who parents say she got through the window when they were out buying medicine was left shaken. >> got to love those guys. >> they all went to help and went back to work. good catch. sad story. an 18-year-old from oklahoma is missing while on family vacation. police have no leads what's going to happen here. you'll hear from the young man's father who wants to find his son. introducing red lobster's seaside mix & match. combine any 2 from a wide variety of 7 exciting choices on one plate. all for just $12.99! but only for a limited time. i'm stewart harrington, and i sea food differently. but i feel skinnier, you know? not really. aaah! jessica! whoa!
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it's a sad story. this is an american teenager on summer vacation, a trip to south america. he's been missing for several days. this is august reiger. >> he was hiking with his father on a mountain and disappeared.
9:24 am
that was on sunday. nick has been following this bizarre story. you talked to the dad. what's the latest? >> he's very concerned. it's supposed to be the trip of a lifetime. very tourist-y area, a very safe area. he went off ahead of his parents. his parents were lagging behind. they were supposed to meet at the top of the mountain. it turned tonight, still not back. that's when his parents starts getting worried. i asked his father if he may have wandered off by himself. he said that's completely out of the question. >> no. no. i don't think so at all. the next day we were supposed to
9:25 am
leave. we had a tour to go in the jungle three nights with a guide. that's because of him that we booked that. he is the one that said he's interested in the cultures and so forth. we were supposed to leave on that the next day. he was real excited about it. he didn't have any money. he didn't phone. he didn't have anything. >> this leisurely hike turned into a nightmare for the family. the father said the search crews, more than 150 volunteers out there. they are combing the mountain again to make sure they haven't missed anything. >> is there anything possibility of fall play? >> initially the father thought his son could have been kidnapped. this is a safe area. some of the local firefighters said we have grown up here our whole life and never had a
9:26 am
kidnapping for ransom case. the family is hoping there's good optimistic out come. >> it is a mountain area. >> there's chance he could fall off that steep slope there or side of the mountain. the family is just sticking around there. they're still there and holding out hope now. we hope the best for them. >> keep us posted. thank you. all right. coming up. >> brazilian police firing tear gas and water cannons as 300,000 people come out to protest. we'll take you there live after this. [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving. i hope he saved enough. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners,
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welcome back. i want you to check this out. this is a huge rally taking place in egypt. we're talking about tens of
9:30 am
thousands of people. >> this rally is near the presidential palace in cairo designed to prove that he's still popular with be people. why is it being held? it's a bit about timing because there's a big planned demonstration against the president for the enof the month. 30 opponents accuse him of having a hard line. they are demanding he step down or call early elections. no real chance of that happening. >> he was elected after the popular uprising ousting long time president. no let up in the anti-government protest. this is out of brazil. these are scenes and getting more violent. this is last night fighting with the police. matthew chance has the story. >> reporter: not in 20 years has brazil seen anything like this.
9:31 am
from the capital to its biggest metropolis vast crowds of protesters were taken to the streets. more than 300,000 people marched through the city thursday demanding change. this is easily one of the biggest protests that's taken place in brazil since the demonstrations began. you can see it's partly a victory parade because the government here has u turned on their initial issue. they have changed their mind and put them back down again. this is also become something much broader and much more important. it's as if a catalog of grievances are being unleashed from official corruption to poor health care and education.
9:32 am
there's anger that the money spent on preparations for the next world cup is astonishing the country so fanatical about football. >> today is about these five problems. it won't stop here. >> i'm protesting for the corruption, the health system, the transportation system, the education system. >> so many issues? >> yes. >> reporter: many brazilians appear increasingly impatient with change. the capital protesters tried to storm government offices for the second time this week and rio running battles with demonstrators to clear the street. brazil appears increasingly engulfed in turmoil.
9:33 am
matthew chance, cnn, rio. coming up for the first time since her double masectomy, angelina jolie will share her first hand account from a camp near syria.
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syrian rebels now confirming to cnn that they have recently received a shipment of heavy weapons. they include anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles. >> all rebels are saying they came from, in their words, brotherly nations that support the syrian revolution. the civil war now in its third
9:37 am
year. >> rebel leaders believe the weapon shipment will be a turning point. earlier this month the white house said it will help arm rebels. military assistance will be discussed tomorrow. that's when john kerry meets with nations that make up the group friends of syria. >> the war is creating a huge humanitarian crisis. more than one and a half million refugees from syria and that could go up by hundreds of,000 soon thousands by the end of the year. one of the most prominent is angelina jolie. >> she's a u.n. special envoy for special refugees. this was her first public appearance since announcing last month she had a double ma
9:38 am
sectmy. >> reporter: the voice of angelina jolie hard at work. a clear signal the star is not slowing down. >> refugees struggling to survive in villages, towns and cities across the city. >> reporter: it includes her personal interviews with some of the family who is have fled the conflict. filmed during her most recent journey to the refugee camp in jordan. >> we want the situation to be getter so we can go home. >> reporter: angelina drew crowds throughout europe. she was by brad's side for the press circuit for his new film. now she's trying to draw attention to her work.
9:39 am
here she is touring the congo in march even though she was between required surgeries. her focus has been on syria and its children. >> it's impossible to imagine any mother standing by and not stepping up and doing something to prevent this. >> reporter: she talks to the mother of a teenager who was killed in the conflict. >> he was everything to me. i loved him so much. >> reporter: the report highlights a haunting truth that the facts of the syrian conflict are staggering and the situation is getting worse. by the end of the year the uchl n. estimates half of syria's population will be in need of help. >> she declined to be interviewed by cnn keeping the focus on syrian refugees. further proof she's not just a mother, director and advocate against suffering. >> it's great work. >> to do that in the middle of
9:40 am
these procedures is amazing. >> it's hard to believe she's only in her late 30s. it seems she's been doing this -- it's like you feel she should be older. it's global awareness day for als. this causes people to become paralyzed. they lose their ability to speak, eat and eventually breathe. right now there's no cure. they are estimated to have als. researchers say the figure is likely to be higher. the association is calling on people with als as well as caregiverers to show their support by tweeting using the hashtag at world without als. i want to mention this as well.
9:41 am
we'll be talking to steve gleason who is battling this disease and we'll see how families are helping to support people with the disease. we'll talk about what is being done in the medical world. please join us.
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you have a sense of adventure we go to a restaurant. >> reporter: just outside established but it started off as an illegal. >> it's the entertainment for black people. we wanted to enjoy ourself together. >> i want to come and see some of it.
9:45 am
>> you're welcome. >> we talk about it. this is the one. >> that's south african. >> south african. >> really looks like spinach. if someone likes grits. that's tripe. do people know they are eating cow's intestines? >> they know. it's nice. it tastes beautiful. that's ox live. that's tomato gravy. >> i'm supposed to dip this into this. it's like a hot steamed bread. >> sit down, enjoy it. this is paris and niki hilton.
9:46 am
look at this. bernie king. so many people. they want to put a stamp, a mark that they are here. they were here. it's unbelievable. come and enjoy the excellence. >> all right. delicious. >> i've got some treats for you. >> looks like you brought us a vegetarian spread. >> he said he started his restaurant during apartheid. it was an illegal tavern. now it's one of the biggest. i've got delicious things. these are rusks. they dip them. you told me michael you want to
9:47 am
put your honor south african. this is dried meat. >> i know you're not a meat lover but let's have it for michael. >> it's much more delicious. >> we have the staple food that is like grits. >> i'll do t grits. >> i think we both have this one. >> yes. in south africa we don't say it's delicious. we say it's mwah. we spoke about the cow's intestin intestines. they are moist and tasty. one of my favorites. he also had worms. they are large caterpillars. they are edible. >> do most people eat that?
9:48 am
>> it's a south african dish. you put it on the mili puck and you have a whole delectable meal. >> we have to you about former president nelson mandela. you're very close to the family. how is he doing? >> they say after 14 days in hospital he remains in hospital. his daughter did say he was doing well. what does that really mean given the fact he's still in hospital? i did speak to the family and they said he's lucid. he knows he's in hospital. he recognizes the family. interestingly enough she said thank you. without mandela he would never have the successful restaurant he has. let's hope the man that turned a
9:49 am
nightmare into a dream, a dream into a vision and a vision into the reality does make his 95th birthday on july 18th. >> we wish him the very best. >> absolutely. at the end of the day he's 94. >> he's 94 and he is in hospital. according to the family he's doing okay and his daughter flew from argentina to be with him. she said at some stage she will have to go back but at this point she's staying in south afri africa. we'll know when she goes back that he is doing fine. until then the family has asked for privacy and such a huge, massive media attention. >> that's why the south african government is managing it very carefully and they don't want rumors to start and they want the family to have some privacy. >> we wish him the best.
9:50 am
thank you for the spread. this is mwah. >> good to see you. leave that for me. coming up, 60 million chinese school kids get a science lesson that they are never going to forget. stay with us. ooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! [ male announcer ] but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. that your mouth is under attack, from food particles and bacteria.
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queen elizabeth has now made sporting history. love those pictures. >> she doesn't look happy, does she? >> shones the winning horse. she was supposed to hand out the winning trophy but prince andrew had to step in so she wouldn't have to present it to herself. >> she hated that. boy was she thrilled. an extraordinary piece of world history that been auctioned off. we'll show you this. it's a death mask. that's ha they were called. this is the french emperor
9:54 am
napolian. a cast kwas made of his face after he died. >> it sold for about $250,000. death masks were made before the invention of photography. it was last week that china launched a crew into space. this is for the fifth time. >> there it goes and drum up support for future space travel. they did a live video lesson from space for some 60 million students. nick robinson with that. >> reporter: a new milestone in china's space race. lessons from orbit.
9:55 am
they are halfway through their 15-day in addition. they are teaching class 300 kilometers above earth. the only woman is wowing china's school children with experiments no earth bound teeacher could pull off. creating floating balls of water. gryoscopes. a two-way live dialogue just like a regular teacher. how do you measure the weight of objects in daily life one asks? i measure my weight with an electronic scale the student answers. beyond this classroom another 60 million chinese children and their teachers tuned in to watch the lectures. these space classes designed not just to enthuse a new generation, to set academic g l
9:56 am
goals on the stars but the energize them about space travel. even before they left for space they were being hailed as heroes. the hopes of the nation to catch up in the global space race riding on their exploits. now as the mission draws to a close, air locked doors for the last time it went just be the restaurants breathing a sigh of relief. it will be china's leaders too. so far a flawless operation. a lesson in what china can do. coming up, a near collision. this is in the sky over new york. two planes come within 200 feet of each other. we'll tell you how that happened. it's important to get away from everything once in awhile.
9:57 am
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10:00 am
keeps opening the door with a wave of his hand. the students didn't have no idea going on. >> an accomplice is outside pressing the elevator button to keep the doors open and you see the people not that impressed. the video has been viewed 800,000 times. >> it's pretty cool. reminds you of the commercial with the little boy. >> that will do it for me. have a great weekend. >> i'll see you on monday. >> you're not off yet. you have another hour. cnn newsroom starts now. celebrity chef paula dean is in damage control after making rational comments. the autopsy report is in. james